Camping Villages

What are the Camping Villages and how do they work?

There are three villages at Unite and each Company/group will be allocated a village before arrival. The villages allow for Companies/groups of any size to socialise with one another and develop a sense of community for the weekend. At Unite each village is in competition with one another for the weekend so it is key that everyone gets involved!

Where will they be located?

Villages will be marked out on the campsite. The villages will be designated by colour (red, yellow or blue), so you we encourage groups to bring clothing, flags, crafts and extras of that colour to get your village standing out. We want to see which village can decorate their village best!

Throughout the weekend, there will be games and competitions in and between all three villages, with some fantastic prizes to win. So make sure you all join in and help your village become the winning one at this year’s Unite!

Who’s in charge?

Each village has two camp village leaders. The role of the camp village leaders is to make sure the guests are all having a great time and making the most of the activities on offer. They are the first port of call for anyone who needs some help or fancies a chat. They’re also there to have fun too!

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find out more about the village leaders!

How are village points won?

Each morning there will be a village check-in with the Village Leaders (two young people who help run your village) and each person who attends will gain 10 points for their village. Also particular events throughout the weekend will give points to participants and those who win a competition. More information will be shared at the event!

What is the role of Company/group leaders at the event?

If you are a leader bringing young people to the event there is plenty for you to do. Your first main role is to get involved and enjoy the weekend, as there will be leader events on as well as the wider programme. You will camp with your Company/group in your village and although events on during the weekend are run and supervised by the Unite team, there is still a responsibility on each leader to oversee their young people.

What role do the village elders play and who are they?

Each village will have a village elder attached to them, who will be past village leaders. They have two main roles at Unite:

The first is support their village leaders. Having been a village leader at least once themselves, each elder will understand the demands of the role and have some ideas on how to cope with the role, while enjoying it. Therefore, they will support the current village leaders, this may be through helping set activities up within each village or prompting leaders if something has been forgotten. The elder must also be aware that returning Companies/groups may still view them as their village leader, it is therefore particularly important that they make sure Companies/groups are aware that they are there to support the current leaders.

The second role is to support the programme. The elders will also be expected to support the programme team throughout the day, this may be by running a session (though the programme lead will decide this).

Village leaders and elders for 2018 will be confirmed as soon as possible!

Village Leaders:


Sam Lindridge

Hannah Humphries

Rhys Millin

Connor Ruse

Tom Hewitt

Will Snowden

Will Snowden

Rachael Knowles

Tom Hewitt

Anthony Lunt

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